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Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology

R.R. Garifullin - Fundamentals of Postmodern PsychologyPublished by the decision of the Academic Council of the Kazan state University of culture and arts.


Professor, doctor of philosophy R. A. Nurullin

Professor, doctor of medical Sciences N. U. Akhmerov

Professor, doctor of pedagogical Sciences L. Yu. Sirotkin

Professor, doctor of pedagogical Sciences G. G. Chanysheva

Garifullin R. R.

Fundamentals of Postmodern Psychology. — Kazan: IPK "Brig", 2015. — 196 p.

ISBN 978-5-98946-111-0

For the first time in Russian and foreign psychology, this monograph presents the basics of postmodern psychology, as well as the postmodern theory of personality, one of the foundations of which is the phenomenon of addiction or dependence. Of particular interest is the section "Postmodern psychology in various fields".

How are different personality structures transformed in the context of global immersion in the world of various drug, alcohol, game, fan, God, klepto, bribe, petrodollar, Internet addictions or addictions? What makes us believe that there is a meaning in the context of a significant transformation and destruction of all kinds of meanings and, as a consequence, language, in the context of a split between the real and the virtual? How does this bifurcation transform meanings, in terms of the destruction of the individual Self? The author of this book attempts to answer these and other questions.

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