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I and proto-I. Philosophical and psychological foundations of reflection

R.R. Garifullin - I and proto-I. Philosophical and psychological foundations of reflectionPublished by the decision of the Academic Council of the Institute of Psychology and Education of Kazan Federal University.


Professor, Doctor of Philosophy M.D. Shelkunov

Professor, Doctor of Philosophy R.A. Nurullin

Professor, Doctor of Philosophy E.M. Khakimov

Garifullin R. R.

I and proto-I. Philosophical and psychological foundations of reflection. Monograph — Kazan: IPK "Brig", 2019.


If you want to gain new knowledge about the mechanisms of the emergence of reflection, cogito, self-awareness and the phenomenon of I, then this book will interest you.

Is it possible that the phenomenon of our “I”, as a certain center of consciousness and will, from which we observe our body, thoughts and experiences, is kept only in the memory of the past contents of our soul? Do we discover our “I” only by correlating our past contents of the soul (personally-unique and semantic formations) with reality? Really, if there is no past in us, but there is only the present in front of our nose, then the phenomenon of "I" does not arise? Is it possible that a person who has completely lost the memory of his past automatically loses his “I” and his consciousness? After all, it is often necessary to see persons who have forgotten who they are, while having consciousness and their own “I”.

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